For Rent


Per Month
  • no land, house only
  • currently rented
  • available November 1, 2017

For Sale


  • turn key
  • no land, house only
  • available immediately

Rent to Own


Per Month
  • $5,000 down
  • 425 /mo for 120months
  • Other terms considered

This is a beautiful, charming, off grid tiny home, built with the finest materials and quality appliances.

The house is powered by a top of the line solar system, including 6 kyocera solar panels (which sit on a ground mounted rack), a magnum inverter, and a TriStar charge controller. The battery bank is 48V, using 8 6V Crown batteries with a trimetric battery monitor.

The house is fully insulated with sprayfoam giving it an R35 roof, and R20 walls & floor. It is heated by a Rannai propane heater, but also has a stove pipe through the roof for an optional wood stove. All the windows have new air pocket window shades.

Hot water is provided by a Bosch, propane, wall mounted instant hot water heater. The house can be hooked to a pressurized water line, but also has its own pump if a well is used.

The bathroom has a full size fiberglass shower stall with an overhead sunflower head and a solid glass shower door. It also has an outdoor shower!

The Toilet is from Natures Head. This is a composting toilet which is vented through the wall, leaving no smell in the home. Since there is no black water leaving the house, there is a single pipe which exits the rear and can be used to water a garden, or put into a septic tank if necessary.

The kitchen features an beautiful antique farm sink, a full size range and a kitchen island with seating for two. It currently has a dorm size fridge, but there is room for a full size fridge if desired.

It has a half loft with an antique library ladder for easy access, and a king size tempurpedic mattress. In the living room area there is a second bed, a twin size tempurpedic, which is used as a couch and guest bed.

The entire interior is Pine, with wide plank pine floors, with planks up to 20″ wide. The walls are painted green, the ceilings are whitewashed. The floors are clear poly, from Vermont Natural Coatings. The counters are thick pine slabs.

The trailer is a custom made twin axel, which was built specificlly for the house. It has the option to unbolt the hub assembly, which would give the appearance that there is no trailer at all. The total weight is 9,900lbs, 11% tongue weight. It has been moved from central Maine, to Warren, RI, where it currently sits at a farm. The dimensions of the trailer are 12′ wide, by 31′ long, by 13’5″ tall. It has trailer lights and electronic trailer brakes. It can easily be pulled by a 1 ton pickup truck.

The house is currently being rented in Warren, RI.
Feel free to call or email with any questions or to schedule a showing. Thanks!